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 Galilee Revisited
Engelske kristne bøger

Dudman, Helga
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The Sea of Galilee has long been the site of miracles. In this mixture of the supernatural past of Jesus' ministry here and our contemporary realities, readers will enjoy a miraculous tour with a collection of guides including St. Jerome, Mark Twain -- even Rasputin, and led by none other than Mary Magdalene, Jesus' intelligent and closest friend. The little road followed in this guide is less than 20 miles in all and is more important to our world than any other on earth. It leads back to two thousand years ago, when Jesus preached to the Galileans. In ancient times, this road was a small section of the very important "Via Maris." Millions of pilgrims have traveled along this road through the centuries. This lively guide deals with the area often called the "Evangelical Triangle," and includes the sites of ancient Magdala, Tabgha, Capernaum, Chorazin, Bethsaida and Kursi, with a reverent glance upward to the Mount of the Beatitudes.

With Mary Magdalene & 20 Other Immortals in Search of Jesus.


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